Keranique Hair Products – Redefining Hair Care for Women with Thinning Hair

Hair is a delightful asset when it is at its healthiest, thickest and most lustrous. However, as hair issues such as hair fall begins, it is natural to feel anxious about how to deal with thinning hair, what products to use and how to make it look fuller and thicker. Keranique brings you a complete range of scientifically advanced hair care formulations that help maintain, replenish and volumize thinning hair. Here is a look into some of the most popular products in the range.

Effective ingredients in gentle formulations

According to hair experts, no other product succeeds in achieving the level of deep cleansing easily accomplished by the Scalp Stimulating Shampoo from Keranique. Keratin is one Keranique active ingredient in the formulation that helps protect the cuticles and strengthen hair strands. The other major ingredients in the shampoo include antioxidants and Pro Vitamin B5 that help stimulate the scalp and revitalize hair follicles. The sulfate-free, pH balanced formulation makes the shampoo ideal for all hair types – even for color-treated hair.

Keranique active ingredient in the Volumizing Keratin Conditioner is hydrolyzed keratin. This helps create a barrier along the hair to protect your hair from the damaging effects of the elements such as sunlight, heat, moisture and humidity. The conditioner also helps detangle hair and improve its strength and elasticity. With its volumizing action, the conditioner helps make thin hair appear like fuller looking hair.

If you are serious about regaining hair thickness by actually regrowing hair, the Hair Regrowth Treatment from Keranique is just what you need. Keranique active ingredient in the product is Minoxidil – an FDA approved substance clinically proven to help women regrow thicker looking hair. Minoxidil effectively rejuvenates hair follicles and creates the perfect environment for the regrowth of new hair.

There are more volumizing and styling products available from Keranique designed to support you in your efforts to maintain and volumize thinning hair. Simply visit Keranique Official Site to purchase these products.

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