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Hair Oil – Is It Effective?

Keranique Hair Care

Women have been giving hair oil a wide berth in modern times, believing that applying oil to hair would lead to the greasy look they would give anything to avoid. However, for those women who have started using this nature hair care product, the benefits are many. While there are branded products on store shelves that promise miracles, you can start on a lesser budget, using edible coconut oil or olive oil. Both offer not only intense moisturization for hair, but also, other benefits, such as nutrition, better manageability, and reduction of frizz.

Use the right amount of hair oil

If you are not sure how much hair oil you should be using, you could start by applying smaller amounts to the tips of hair, to ensure that scalp does not become greasy. If needed, you can add more oil. Many women rinse off the oil with shampoo, to retain a glossy look for hair.

Sulfate free care for hair

For shampooing, use a product that does not contain sulfates, which lead to dry hair. Shampoos that are specifically designed for thinning hair are the best option, since they are gentle and effective. Some of these shampoos even contain nutrients to nourish hair, giving added boost to hair care.

Avoid hot water use

Another tip — do not use hot water for washing hair. Rinsing with warm or cold water is preferable, as this keeps hair moisturized for longer. For women faced with hair loss, another tip is to use a shampoo that offers protection against UV damage. This type of shampoo often contains hydrolyzed keratins that coat the hair cuticle, and thus, form a barrier against UV rays.

Natural hair care with oil offers benefits and you can further improve your hair care routine with the use of a hair loss shampoo and other products aimed at targeting women’s hair loss.