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Right Products For Oily Hair, Dry Hair, And Fine Hair


Can you believe it is possible to get fuller looking hair right at home? Forget those expensive salons. Just get your hair products right and watch how your tresses obey your commands.

It’s about the products

Understand your hair first. Is it oily or dry? Is it fine or coarse in texture? Are your hair prone to frizz or become limp? Choose hair products accordingly.

For example, oily products demand oil-free, lightweight formulations. Use conditioners only on hair tips. If you use rich conditioners on oily hair, it would naturally become limp.

Dry hair demand good moisturization of scalp. You must use products that contain moisturizers, so that they form a film of protective keratin, which smoothens hair texture and traps moisture in hair shafts.

Keranique’s volumizing formula is superb for fine hair, which usually appear thin. Such hair also tend to become lame and lifeless, if not taken care of properly. Using harsh, sulfate-laden products is a bad idea.

You will be pleased to know that Keranique ingredients includes hydrolyzed keratin as one of its element for shampoo and conditioner. That’s why women report that their hair become silky, shiny, and smooth after using these products. The keratin coat also adds volume to strands. This means Keranique is a good choice for women who desire fuller looking hair.